Planned Development

Development Plan Rationale

The KnowYourself and Advanced Development Plans are based on the theory of the measurement tool: A personality trait may be described by a unique set of adjectives; those that strengthen the trait and those that weaken the trait. Seventy years of measurement research has identified the adjectives currently associated with each of the measured traits.

The intensity of the trait and the frequency on which it is acted is a function of the number of the strengthening and weakening adjectives that are active: The number of strengthening adjectives minus the number of weakening adjectives that an individual says are self-descriptive determines the strength of that trait for that individual.

Personality change occurs when the number of trait-related self-descriptive adjectives of each type changes or the intensity and frequency of behavior for  specific adjectives change.

The Development Plan is constructed by specifying, from the report, one or more traits to modify and if the modification for each should increase or decrease the intensity of the trait. (See the DP Content Selection Tool)

The Development Plan includes: (1) Directions; (2) A chart graphically illustrating the client’s current and preferred behavior, and what can be accomplished by modifying the behavior for the specified adjectives; (3) The cumulative set of adjectives for which behavior should be added or increased and those for which behavior should be reduced or eliminated are presented in the Development Plan; and (4) Worksheets to guide the change for each adjective. The worksheet asks for specific behavior the client would like to modify and what the client would prefer to do instead. Directions for implementing and monitoring the specified modifications are given. Click the DP Sample button