Additional Services And Advanced Options For Providers

Your client can order the KnowYourself personality or relationship report at:

There are expanded reports with additional  information for providers (SAMPLES).  After your client completes the test and receives the KnowYourself report, and with the permission of your client, you could purchase the expanded report for a nominal fee.

Or, your client can order the expanded report at

For either report, if your client enters your email as the email address to which the report should be emailed the report will come directly to you.

After your client has obtained a report it can be used to select the content for a Development Plan (SEE THE DP RATIONALE). Development Plans may be used to guide the development and strengthening of desired personality attributes and the elimination and control of undesired personality attributes (SAMPLE).

The KnowYourself and Expanded Development Plans are ordered on-line. The content for the Expanded Development Plan is selected using this form (DEMO). The content for the KnowYourself Development Plan is selected using a similar form which contains only options for the personality data included in the KnowYourself report.


Please email PersonalityDescribed for further information regarding this and other options for providers.