Personality Test Data

For Professionals Who Do or Don’t Test

If you are a psychotherapist, psychologist, counselor, life coach, clergy, educator, human resources hiring official, or other professional not utilizing personality tests, but who would benefit from personality data for some of your clients then please consider referring clients to the site and let your client provide you with the data.

At your client can complete a standardized personality measurement and receive either a password protected individual or relationship report by return email, which your client could then share with you. Or, if your email address is entered as the recipient of the report when your client enters the demographic data the report with be emailed directly to you.

The easily completed assessment was developed over 70 years ago and has been used world-wide for personality measurement and description. In 15-20 minutes it provides accurate and comprehensive information on over 40 distinct behaviors. An individual report provides detailed information on general behavior and strengths and constraints. The relationship report describes the similarities and differences between two people.

If this service would facilitate your work then please review the sample KnowYourself  reports to see if they would be of benefit to you and your clients.


Additional Services And Options



Please email PersonalityDescribed for further information regarding this and other options for providers.

This website is a service of Measurement And Planned Development (MAPD) which has provided personality measurement tools to psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors for over 20 years.

Daniel Collins, Ed.D. , NCC