Self And Bible Study

Choose a payment option if you are ready to learn about yourself or your relationship. The price of either the Personality or the Relationship report is $14.75 USD which may be paid through PayPal by clicking the Buy Now button.


Or, you may order your report by email and provide your payment information by telephone. For an email order please provide your name, email, and telephone number and we will contact you to complete your order.


NOTE: Follow the directions below if you want to participate in the Group Option.

We encourage the incorporation of a study of Self into Bible Study. For example: all members of the Bible Study group could complete the assessment and then share relevant parts of their reports with the members who could assist with the setting of behavioral goals and provide support and encouragement. There are many options and the creativity of the group will find the best for the members.

We will provide a discount of 35% for a Bible Study group which encorporates the assessment and report. This reduces the assessment and report cost from $14.75 to $9.50.

If your group would like to take advantage of this offer please do the following: Email a list of the individuals participating and a payment for them (number of participating members times 9.50). The payment may be by credit card (include the number, expiration date, and security code) or a check payable to Measurement and Planned Development, Inc., mailed to Self And Bible Study, 508 East Tazewell's Way, Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185. A link providing direct access to the assessment will be provided by email and may be given to each of the participating members.